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Transalp in Australien

Kangaroos und Kiwis.

Transalp in Australien

Beitragvon Dirk » 04.03.2003 15:45

Tach nochmal,
von Greg Aldis aus Sydney erhielt ich folgende Mail:

Hi All,

this is probably the best Transalp in the country, it really is in great
condition and set up expertly.

Reluctantly for sale, '87 Transalp 600

Sadly three bikes in the shed is just one too many.
So the Tranny must make way for the new 640 Adventure.

There is absolutely nothing else to spend on this bike.
With perhaps the exception of the battery which is well over
three years old but still going strong.
Everything else that wears has been replaced recently.
(I hate breakdowns)
It comes with all the usual mods plus a few more.
(alloy plate, heated grips,K&N filter,etc etc)
Workshop manual & spare stuff.
Registered in August.

$4,500 or
$5,500 fitted with new Ohlins shocker ($1400) &
Progressive fork springs ($150)

Peter Holt <> or give him a call on 03 5977 5654

Wenn Ihr eine Transalp für den Australien-Urlaub sucht, wäre das ja vielleicht 'was.

Bis denne

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It was dinnertime

Beitragvon Hohuyoo175 » 14.11.2008 21:13

bump up ..

  Reuben respectfully touched his worn cap and walked out into the sunlight with the bay rippling in a freshening wind. There was purpose in his loping stride5. He would raise the five dollars and not tell anybody.

  Hearing the sound of hammering from a side street, Reuben had an idea.

  He ran towards the sound and stopped at a construction site. People built their own homes in Bay Roberts, using nails purchased in Hessian sacks from a local factory. Sometimes the sacks were discarded in the flurry of building, and Reuben knew he could sell them back to the factory for five cents a piece.

  That day he found two sacks, which he took to the rambling wooden factory and sold to the man in charge of packing nails.

  The boy's hand tightly clutched the five-cent pieces as he ran the two kilometers home.

  Near his house stood the ancient barn that housed the family's goats and chickens. Reuben found a rusty soda tin and dropped his coins inside. Then he climbed into the loft of the barn and hid the tin beneath a pile of sweet smelling hay.

  It was dinnertime when Reuben got home. His father sat at the big kitchen table, working on a fishing net. Dora was at the kitchen stove, ready to serve dinner as Reuben took his place at the table.

  He looked at his mother and smiled. Sunlight from the window gilded her shoulder-length blonde hair. Slim and beautiful, she was the center of the home, the glue that held it together.

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Beitragvon KiwiPete » 28.12.2008 17:09

Dirk, dieser Vandale (Hohuyoo175) posted Spam in mehreren Foren hier unter mindestens 2 Benutzer-Namen.
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Beitragvon Vaufi » 28.12.2008 21:46

KiwiPete hat geschrieben:Dirk, dieser Vandale (Hohuyoo175) posted Spam in mehreren Foren hier unter mindestens 2 Benutzer-Namen.

Schlimmer: Der hinterlegte Link in der letzten Zeile führt zu einer Website mit Wargames :shock: :shock:
'93 R 80 GS
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