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Motorbike Yamaha XT 500 in La Paz (Bolivia) for sale.

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Motorbike Yamaha XT 500 in La Paz (Bolivia) for sale.

Beitragvon fischeor » 10.04.2006 18:05

My name is Oliver and I am travelling since 3 months in South America on a Yamaha XT 500 with colombian numberplate. It is very strong and does a good job.

In the beginning of may I will be in La Paz, flying back to Europe.

If somebody is planning a trip to Bolivia and doesn’t want to send his own bike to there, neither having the hassle to buy one there, could have mine. There is space for two persons, including luggage. I have all the original documents. Price: 2000 US.

If you have interest, you can look pictures at, to get an impression and send me a mail (
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