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Verkauf Ural Gespann Kolumbien 2016 ca. 30.000KM

Alles was man braucht oder nicht mehr braucht.

Verkauf Ural Gespann Kolumbien 2016 ca. 30.000KM

Beitragvon apfelbaum » 17.08.2018 01:38

da ich davon ausgehe, dass jeder, der solch ein Projekt angeht, der englischen Sprache mächtig ist, habe ich mein Inserat nicht extra übersetzt.


Actually I don't wanna sell the sidecar because it's so unique (this modell was produced less than 30 times in the whole world Ural Motorcycles Europe | Pustinja II | Ural Sondermodell Pustinja II).
But because family situation changed surprisingly I might need to...

First of all the most important for a lot of people, the pics (totally random, partly still from Germany):

Technical specs you find here (it's based on a Ural Sportsman 2016/2017 - the limited editions are always a mix of both years):

But I will also name a few:
- You can load easily up to 300kg on it
- Gasoline consumption depends heavily on altitude, persons traveling (up to 3 persons possible officially allowed), luggage and wind. That means between 5,5 to (no way more) 9 Liters. Mostly around 7 L fully packed and two persons. So with the extra tank/ gas can you go easily 350km or more
- Oil change every 5000km b(ut I did earlier all the services)
- Max Speed 115km/h, all-day speed good for engine around 95 km/h but i preferred lil bit less than 80km/h
- Adjustable forks/suspension
- 12V charger
- driveshaft - so you never ever have to care about cleaning, lubrication or changing a chain or chain-set
- Don't get confused about the low PS, with this bike it's more about the torque (like Harleys and their 2 cylinder engines)

My wife and me traveled more than 8 months with it from Chile to Colombia, also a lot over the Andes. And yes, in the Andes we have been faster than the trucks and lil local bikes. Offroad we have been faster than every jeep - if we wanted to.
Traveled in Southamerica around 20.000km and bought the Ural in Germany used with approx 9.000km with all Services made by Ural vendor (have still the bills).

The bike has of course some improvements:
- Daytona heating grips
- Garmin zumo 345 Navigation System (you can load openfreemaps from all over the world on ot and it works good and costs nothing)
- orig. Sidecar windshield for passenger
- orig. Back rack pack
- Self constructed metal frame on the nose of the boat with perfect fitting plastic box (I keep it at the moment in the trink) and additional light - can be easily removed
- Self constructed metal frame with wood for perfect fitting additonal 12 L water tank or other stuff - also easily removable

This are just Accessoires we added, but because it's the limited edition it has even more than the plain standard edition:
- Optional 2 wheel drive. The only motorcycle in the world with 2 WD
- Light protection frame
- 10 L gasoline can
- 2x jerry cans (you can take them off in 1 sec)
- extra box at the sidecar back
- Complete Spare wheel
- complete black covered engine (not only for look, but for salt protection)
- Italian exhaust pipes
- Back rack at the sidecar

We drove mostly (above 90 %) on paved streets and had 1 flat tire in total (recommend Heidenau K37 tyres - all tires at the moment are in good condition and you get spare tires as well) and had no problems with the bike.
Once there have been a small oil leak at the alternator - bike mechanics recommended not to repair it because it was so lil but we did it anyway (was just a sealing partly damaged) - fine now.
I did valve adjustment and other service later by my own, after I learned from the only official Ural vendor in whole Southamerica (call him and ask about the condition of our bike if you like, he can guarantee you that it is in good shape). Bike is known for easily to be repaired (boxer engine). The new generation Urals are known also for their durability - not like the old ones.

Of course the bike got here & there some scratches, but no stain. I put new color & stain protection directly on scratched parts. I cared about the bike a lot, because I thought I gonna drive it the next 10 years or so

The bike has a German plate on it, but it's not registered in Germany anymore (like me ). Just kept it because it looks more normal for the police.
Anyway, with this bike you won't meet anybody who doesn't fall in love with your bike (google udf =ural delay factor ) - which has been several times granted us a fast & easy or none police control or a nice invitation from families (we never had to bribe any police man ).

The bike new costs more than 17.000 € and is not even 2 years old.
So i am asking for 11.000 € - negotiable (depending on the extra equipment you are interested).

All the spare parts and tools I have (and it's a lot of tools) are of course included. Ready to go for adventure for some thousands of Kilometers.

I got also good camping equipment like Tangria kitchen, Robens tent, Therm-a-rest mattress, Ortlieb bag and so on which I would sell if somebody interested.

I will try to complete this post from time to time. Ask me anything you like.
Whatsapp +56953482574

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