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Unfall - 2ridetheworld - Touratech hilft

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Unfall - 2ridetheworld - Touratech hilft

Beitragvon Tom-Traveller » 15.08.2011 13:53

Nun, ich finde dass man sowas ruhig erwähnen kann .... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Aber lest mal selber :arrow:

Absolutley fantastic news.
Hi guys - thanks so much for all your messages of support and best wishes.

so - just to bring you all up to date.

Touratech Germany (head office) were in touch with us even BEFORE we had emailed them to offer us any and all related Touratech parts for replacement. They had seen on our FB page information about the accident and contacted us immediately. We were bowled over by their concern and prompt action without us even having to ask.

We had told them that we were trying hard to see what BMW could do for us as we had just given a presentation to around 150 people for BMW Malaysia and so were therefore naively hopefull that we could organise 'something'. After 2 and a bit weeks they came back, after contacting BMW Germany, with..'all they can do is 10% off retail'. As the import costs of parts here push the retail price way up this would still mean that parts are well -over what you guys would payas full retail price in the USA .... so needless to say we were not surprised but very disappointed. We had naively hoped for parts possibly at cost?

The absolutely great news is however that Touratech Germany have stepped in. They have offered to cover not only all their parts but also ALL and EVERY BMW part that Simon requires. They will also cover all import fees (which are quite high here!). This has bowled us over completely. We really had not expected or even hoped this would be the case! Its worth mentioning again that incredibly that this was offered by Touratech without us even asking. The were even offering Simon a replacement Companero riding suit as surely it would be damaged?...but nope! Only slight damage to the rear pocket zip - its a dam strong suit!

What can we say..other than give a huge thank you Touratech (with whom we have not even got any kind of 'contract') They are our longest and largest 'benefactors' ...and without whom we would not be considering our onward journey.

Simon and I want to thank you guys here at ADV Rider for your continued support. When we get down and things go haywire for us at times, you guys always come back to give us the boost we need. For those of you that so very kindly sent not worry! We still have to cover the labour costs and all the sundry costs of the rebuild.

We have been told that the parts will take around 3 weeks to get to us.....which means that we have time to get the RR almost (!) up to date here

Its only 11 in the morning no until a bit later!! but Boy!!! we are going to celebrate and raise a glass to you all (and another few to Touratech too!)
Lisa T

Das BMW da nix offeriert ist ja klar, bei den vielen Milliarden Gewinn muss man ja vorsichtig mit Geschenken sein und ich habe mich für die Beiden echt gefreut

Happy Trails
Thomas & Andrea
don`t dream too long, just do it
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Re: Unfall - 2ridetheworld - Touratech hilft

Beitragvon anju » 20.08.2011 15:35

Ist ja nett - haben die die Moppeds bei TT gekauft oder macht TT das nur, weil die Beiden so massiv auf die Medientrommel schlagen?
Evtl sollte dann jeder Reisende einfach bei TT anfragen, wenn man mal irgendwo in der Welt Teile braucht ;-)

...musste letztes Jahr alles selbst bezahlen, nachdem ein Kamaz übers Mopped gerollt ist - aber die Tour war es mir auch wert ;-)
Der Mensch hat Jahrtausende gebraucht aufrecht zu gehen, warum sollte er dann gebückt Motorrad fahren?

2 Moppeds im Stall: Triumph Tiger 955i und Triumph Tiger 800XC ... ja ich mag 3-Zylinder ;-)
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