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Idling issue with 05 Suzuki c50 boulevard cruiser

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Idling issue with 05 Suzuki c50 boulevard cruiser

Beitragvon gabrielantonio » 05.04.2018 07:58


I am posting with hopes for suggestions. I owned a 05 Suzuki c50 bvld cruiser for 3 yrs now so when I got it in 08 it was just 3 yrs old . For the first couple of yrs when I turned on the bike that is fuel injected, it would turn on throttled up till engine warmed up and then down with no problem and maintain low idle speed. As of lately and even after changing the spark plugs and air filter, the bike shuts off went first turned on. I have to throttle the bike manually for a few minutes and even then it will throttle down and sometimes shut off.This is especially the case when the weather is cold below 45 degrees. Can you guys out there help a cruiser guy out ???.

Please help.

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